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Destination Jewelry Brand (DJB) is the original manufacturer of the highly coveted bracelet which is the signature for Caribbean life and all the wonder it represents. For over 15 years, DJB has captured the very essence of sun, sand, spectacular sunsets, mystical waters and wondrous adventures that are only experienced in one place on this vast planet... the Caribbean. Due to their overwhelming success with the Caribbean line of bracelets, and other fine jewelry, DJB has created two new distinct signature series jewelry lines. The first is the "Destination BraceletTM" collection designed to capture the very essence that makes your favorite special to locals and visitors alike. Spawned by the success of the original Key West Destination Bracelet, DJB now offers a signature design for over 100 of the top destinations in the continental US and Eastern Caribbean. The second line captures the spiritual aspect of all that is humanity. One of the most notable yet subtle statements of the wearer is the Awareness Ribbon. With over 100 causes spanning from the United States and Canada to Australia and the UK, the ribbon represents a common language for those whose lives have been touched by people and loved ones that have endured the less then positive aspects of human existence. For you and those you know, we designed the Awareness Hook Bracelet with a stone that corresponds with the ribbon color for easy identification and personalization. So be our guest as you scroll down though our electronic version of memory lane, view the publications that have made us a favorite to those that treasure the life, romance and splendor that is the Caribbean.
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